Sits ‘n Wiggles Cleveland Staff Members

Valarie Ross-Smith

Valarie has been an animal lover her whole life. She would train her horses and dogs using positive reinforcement before she even knew that was a thing. She has been a volunteer within the dog rescue community and foster parent for over 15 years. She has studied business and has her Master’s in Business Administration. Valarie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed.

Valarie attended Catch Canine Trainers Academy, has mentored under several of the state’s best positive reinforcement trainers, and attended workshops with Victoria Stilwell, Pat Miller, and Deb Jones. Valarie is working on becoming a Certified Bite Prevention Specialist through DogNostics Career Center.

Valarie handles most of the administration of Sits n Wiggles and is the lead dog trainer.

Hannah Ross-Smith

Hannah has been an animal lover her whole life. She has been the pet parent to dogs, cats, rabbits, and one of her favorites, turtles. She has a special way with dogs that has them comfortable and relaxed in no time at all. She enjoys helping nervous dogs open up.

Jillian Lowry

An animal advocate since high school, Jillian has dedicated her life to ensuring the wellbeing of all critters. She’s been vegan for more than 10 years, is on the board and volunteers for a local farmed animal sanctuary, and works with national animal protection non-profits. Jillian graduated with a bachelors in Communications from John Carroll University and a masters in Sustainable Agriculture from University College Dublin, Ireland. Growing up with companion animals, her first word was ‘woof’ and she’s been caring for pets since high school – dogs, birds, cats, reptiles, horses, fish, and rodents to name a few. Jillian looks forward to spending some quality time with your fur kids

Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller’s two favorite things have been the same since she was little. Art and animals. Things haven’t changed, in fact her love for them has only grown over time. When she’s not petting or playing fetch with her cat, Pluto, or creating her art she enjoys watching cartoons, looking at dog pictures and playing video games. Rachel participated in 4-H for six years where she competed and placed in multiple state level horse related competitions. She has ten years of experience training horses using positive reinforcement, as well as tons of experience with cats, dogs, fish, and reptiles.

Ryan Swift

Ryan has been an animal lover since childhood, growing up surrounded by family dogs and cats. He and his partner, Josh, started their fur family of rescues when he found their first cat, Grayson as a 2 month old abandoned kitten, huddled under the engine of a car for warmth. They adopted another cat, Selina, soon after followed by their first puppy, Quinn, last summer. Ryan graduated from Kent with a BS in Computer Design and Animation, and is now looking to return to the things he loves, starting with bringing care and love to your pets!

Felesha Ullerick

Felesha Ullerick loves working with animals beginning with 3 years of experience working at a pet rescue. She has 2 cats who are Piper and Maisey. Full Time Felesha works as a Security Manager for a fortune 100 company. She’s also currently working on her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration. Some of her passions include traveling and trying new hobbies.