Virtual, remote, and online dog training and behavior consulting has been on the rise as technology continues to grow and has mushroomed due to Covid. Some behavior modification, such as separation anxiety, is conducted only online.

Many trainers and behavior consultants across the world have gone to only providing online services and are seeing great successes! Clients are happy. Dogs are happy. Trainers are happy.

Online training classes, one on one appointments, and support groups are the wave of the future, and Sits n Wiggles is forging forward with these offerings as well.

These services also tend to be more cost-effective, which is so important in this economy and makes our services available to lower or fixed-income dog guardians.

We are currently working on 4 and 6-week classes, webinars, and a text support monthly membership. We will cover everything from puppy socialization to basic manners to separation anxiety and aggression in these courses.

To have success a few things are needed. Below we have a list of equipment we really like and how to use them to make your experience the best it can be.


  • Earbuds with a microphone. Any brand will do. They help you easily communicate with your trainer even when out and about on a walk or in public.
  • Smartphone. Again, any brand will do. Most have more than enough data power to provide seamless video streaming even when on a walk. You also can use them to record short videos of your training sessions or any concerning behavior you want to discuss with your trainer.
  • Laptop or tablet with a webcam. These devices are great for in-home training sessions. You can easily see your trainer, educational videos, or instructions while practicing with your pup. They are also great for recording and sending videos to your trainer.
  • WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a free communication app that makes sending texts, documents, and videos very easy. You can use this app across several devices including your computer, meaning never missing a message or having multiple forms of communication going with your trainer. Your trainer will provide you with their personal WhatsApp contact information so you have direct access to them.
  • Wyze, Blink, Ring Cameras. These cameras can make recording training sessions super easy, as long as you remember to do your training session right in front of it! They are motion activated, so as long as you’re moving they’re recording! These are particularly great for the separation anxiety training you’re doing with Maddi.
  • Tripods. These handy and cheap gadgets mean you can record hands-free. Most come with a clamp that will hold a phone, tablet, or security camera. They’re great for those family photos you’ve been trying to get.
  • Phone Holders For Walks. One of the hardest things to do is walk your dog, use your clicker, and record or have your virtual one-on-one sessions. We have a few tools we love. This NECK HOLDER is inexpensive and easy to use. Just slip it around your neck and hit the trails! If you’re looking for something a bit more durable and less dorky, then the BACKPACK CLIP might be for you. 

We look forward to bringing a variety of offerings in 2023! We look forward to seeing you on our computer screen soon!