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Sits ‘n Wiggles Cleveland Staff Members

Valarie Ross-Smith

Valarie has been an animal lover her whole life. She would train her horses and dogs using positive reinforcement before she even knew that was a thing. She has been a volunteer within the dog rescue community and foster parent for over 15 years. She has studied business and has her Master’s in Business Administration. Valarie is the Events & Fundraiser Director for Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed. Valarie will be handling most of the administration of Sits n Wiggles and soon will be the head trainer.

Hannah Ross-Smith

Hannah has been an animal lover her whole life. She has been the pet parent to dogs, cats, rabbits, and one of her favorites, turtles. She has a special way with dogs that has them comfortable and relaxed in no time at all. She enjoys helping nervous dogs open up.

Jillian Lowry

Jillian has been a dedicated animal advocate her entire life. She’s been vegan for ten years, has worked for an animal advocacy non-profit and volunteers her free time at a local farm animal sanctuary. She graduated with a BA from John Carroll University in 2011 and an MSc from University College Dublin, Ireland in 2013. Jillian has a ton of experience caring for animals – ranging from birds, to reptiles, to horses, to dogs, and cats. She looks forward to spending time with your fur kids!

Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller’s two favorite things have been the same since she was little. Art and animals. Things haven’t changed, in fact her love for them has only grown over time. When she’s not petting or playing fetch with her cat, Pluto, or creating her art she enjoys watching cartoons, looking at dog pictures and playing video games. Rachel participated in 4-H for six years where she competed and placed in multiple state level horse related competitions. She has ten years of experience training horses using positive reinforcement, as well as tons of experience with cats, dogs, fish, and reptiles.

Victoria (Tori)

Victoria (Tori) has been an animal lover for life. Although nursing and caregiving is her primary job, taking care of animals is a great love of hers. She is a cat mom of 4, loves playing fetch with all the dogs she meets, and doesn’t mind getting down on their level for extra cuddles! She is finishing out a dual degree in Psychology and Nursing with goals of obtaining her Masters in Nursing for a title of Nursing Practitioner. She has 20 plus years in care for cats and dogs as well as smaller animals such as rabbits and caged pets. She looks forward to spending time with all of your favorite furries!