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Reactive to Proactive: 1-on-1 Training for Reactive Dogs

When we hear the phrase “aggressive dog” and “aggressive dog training” we typically tend to believe your furry friend is not likely aggressive – they’re reactive. It’s a common misclassification of dog behavior and can be difficult to differentiate aggressive dog behavior from reactive behavior. If you’re looking for aggressive dog training, read more to determine if you’re dog is more likely classified as reactive, or call us. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Aggressive Dog or Reactive Dog?

Does your dog bark, growl, lunge, and otherwise behave in embarrassing ways when you are out walking, from behind the gate, or at the front window? Do they appear aggressive when you know they are a sweetheart? Or maybe they become incredibly frustrated if they cannot go say “hi” to people or other dogs. Then you have what we call a “reactive” dog. And we can help you resolve this behavior. Two great articles to provide more insight into determining if you need an aggressive dog training camp or some behavior modification for your reactive dog can be found here:

  1. AKC: “What Is Aggression? Reactivity vs. Aggression
  2. Animal Wellness: “Reactive vs. aggressive dogs

Reactivity comes usually from one of two emotions your dog is feeling; fear or over-excitement. Your dog is triggered by something they see or hear; usually other dogs, people, vehicles, or bicycles. When they are triggered they display their emotions by showing some pretty big behaviors. While these behaviors are often embarrassing for us and are challenging to control, your dog is having a difficult time, they are not trying to give you a difficult time.

Dog Training for Reactive Dogs

At Sits ‘n Wiggles we provide you the education and tools to help your dog overcome the emotions he or she is feeling so the behavior they display is lessened. No more “aggressive dog.” Sits ‘n Wiggles offers private one-on-one sessions to assist your reactive dog.

During our private sessions, we will work on basic manners, foundational skills to manage their reactivity, and counter-conditioning to resolve their reactive behavior. We teach you how to best help your dog remain calm in the face of their triggers and what to do if they do lose their cool.

Our highly qualified professional trainers have spent years studying and working with aggressive and reactive dogs. They have many tools available to help you and your dog without causing pain, stress, anxiety or fear. They use modern, science-based methods that help you both gain confidence and remain calm in difficult situations. No need for shock collars, prong collars, yelling, controlling, or worse. Only compassion and knowledge.

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