Michelle Brown (she/they)

Michelle has been involved with animals and rescue starting from early childhood watching her aunt work with cats, dogs and horses. She has been rescuing animals of all varieties ever since. Michelle has been an active member of local rescues for 9 years working with cats and dogs. She has fostered over 40 dogs and 50 cats. Her focus has been working to socialize feral or shy cats and dogs from puppy mills or under socialized environments. She also has a love of working with deaf dogs and teaching them signs.  Experiences with several fosters with reactivity led her to learn more about canine behavior, it has become a mission and personal journey to learn as much as she can to help work with behavioral issues. She spends time weekly working with dogs at the Parma Animal Shelter helping them learn the skills they need to help get them adopted. Michelle has 2 dogs: a beagle named Ellis that was rescued from a laboratory and a City Dog bully mix named Tyson. She also has 4 cats that can from rescue. She is working towards being a Certified Dog Trainer with CATCH! Dog Training.

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