Tracy with her 4 dogs

My first experience with the dog training industry was in 2011 with my rescue dog, Tucker. He was the first dog I ever took to training. After basic puppy classes, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about dogs, and boy was I wrong! In 2012 I began to foster for Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue. That is where I learned that there was so much more to dog training than a puppy obedience class. I was able to learn how to allow a dog to decompress properly. I learned that dogs shouldn’t be just put together and expected to be best friends. I learned how to read dog body language and prevent a dog fight before it started. I learned how to communicate with a deaf dog and deal with dogs with extreme fear and anxiety. I was able to learn all this by working with professional trainers, Jennifer Mauger from L’Chaim Canine and Valarie Ross-Smith from Sits ‘n Wiggles.

In 2021, I expanded the rescues I work with and began to foster puppies for Multiple Breed Rescue. I love working with dogs of all breeds and ages, but I like to foster the puppies because I know I can train them during their critical development period and set them up to become the best dog they can be.

In 2021 I decided to finally take that experience and get the formal training needed to become a dog trainer. In 2021 I began my formal training with Catch Canine Trainers Academy, and I graduated with Distinction to become a Professional Dog Trainer. Valarie from Sits ‘n Wiggles was my mentor throughout the training. I started to work for Sits ’n Wiggles in May 2022.

My Qualifications

  • Catch Canine Trainers Academy Graduate- with Distinction (2022)

My Work Philosophy

I am a Registered Corporate Coach and a Training Manager at my full-time job, so training is something I
am passionate about. I have been training humans for over 20 years and wanted to combine my love of
training with my passion for dogs. I believe that just like in humans, positive reinforcement training gets
better results than negative training because it is healthier for the dogs’ mental state.