Reactive Dog Training Class

Our Reactive to Proactive Group Class is for families living with a dog that has big feelings about certain triggers. Usually these triggers are other dogs, squirrels, cyclists, autos or more; but have not injured another dog or human. Training is done in small group classes and feature only positive reinforcement training methods.



All reactivity dog training classes are held at our training center on the eastside of Cleveland in Bedford, located at:
24748 Aurora Rd.
Bedford Heights, OH 44146

Reactive to Proactive: Behavior Modification

Our Reactive to Proactive class is for families living with a reactive dog that can have big feelings about certain triggers usually, from behind a barrier such as a fence or a window, or while on a leash. These things could be other dogs, squirrels, cyclists, and autos. This is not a class for dogs that struggle with human interactions (what we commonly call “stranger danger”), or those with a bite record (not puppy mouthing/play) for those dogs we recommend private sessions.

  • PREREQUISITE: Completion of the Reactive to Proactive intake form, orientation, and SnW trainer approval. This is a 6 week class.