Sits ‘n Wiggles Group Classes - Tailored Training for Every Stage!

At Sits ‘n Wiggles, we understand that each dog is unique and goes through different stages of development. That's why we offer specialized group classes to address the specific needs of puppies, adult dogs, and those dealing with reactivity. 

Join us in creating a harmonious and well-balanced relationship with your furry friend!

Just bring a new puppy home?

Puppies can be overwhelming and tiring, especially when they are new to our homes. The internet is a jungle of conflicting information. Join our Puppy Socialization classes. These classes will guide you through socialization, leash manners, happy vet visits, and more!

Just adopt an adult dog? Or just enjoy spending time with them?
Our Adult Dog classes have everything you need! From Basic Manners to Visitor Greetings to Fun Dog Sports and more, we have you covered! Sign up today to start building your connection with your four-legged family member!

Are walks chaotic and stressful?

Some dogs have big feelings about other dogs, cyclists, or even cars. It makes walks stressful and even embarrassing for us. You wonder if your dog is even enjoying their time. Our Reactive to Proactive classes are intentionally designed to help you help your dog cope with triggers.

All Group Classes take place at our Training Center in Bedford Heights!