Hello and welcome to our Service Dog Training information page. Please read it all and follow all of the instructions.

Please know that training a service dog, even if they are an adult, can take up to two years or more. We require that you work with our Service Dog Trainer at least every 10 days and often require you take some of our group classes at our facilities in Bedford Heights. There is a huge time and financial commitment. You must be ready to fully commit.

Step 1: Discuss with your doctor and/or therapist if a Service Dog is right for you. If they do believe a Service Dog would benefit you, please have them write a letter or prescription for one specifying what tasks you would benefit for. This letter is for your legal protection. We do require one before we start working with you and your dog.

Step 2: Complete our Service Dog Training Application.

Step 3: Schedule a GoogleMeet Interview with our Service Dog Trainer. Tiffany will contact you with this information if your Service Dog Training Application is approved. The fee for the interview is $60.00

Step 4a: If you already have an adult dog you would like to use as your Service Dog, Tiffany will schedule an in-person evaluation with you and another one of our trainers. The fee for the evaluation is $150 for 1 hour. Tiffany and our other trainer will meet you at a mutually agreed upon location where they can evaluate your dog’s responses to people, other animals, and various things your dog will encounter when working.

Step 4b: If you want to adopt an adult dog, Tiffany will work with you on finding a potential candidate.

Step 4c: If you want to purchase a puppy, TIffany will help you determine what to look for in a breeder and a puppy.

Step 5: Schedule your initial consultation. Tiffany will send you information to schedule and pay for your initial consultation.

Step 6: During your initial consultation you and Tiffany will work together to set your goals and create your training plan. 

Step 7: Start training!

For information regarding the ADA laws around service dogs please visit the ADA’s FAQs on Service Dogs.