The Sits n Wiggles team offers “Day Training”!


Think of it as board and train without the boarding part. Instead, our trainers come to your home 4 days a week for 30-60 minutes depending on you and your dog’s needs and desires. Our trainers work one-on-one with your dog while you’re away at work or at your kid’s sporting events. 


It provides the training your dog deserves without the high prices and you missing your dog. You will never wonder how they’re being treated. Are they stressed or afraid?  Are they eating enough? Are they sleeping well? And most importantly, are they being treated with loving, humane, kindness?


We do require that you meet with your trainer for 1 hour every other week to ensure you know how to work with your dog. 


We work on almost every type of training or behavior issue in our day training program. Exceptions are for stranger-directed aggression (since we’re strangers to your dog), separation anxiety, and service dog tasks specific to you. Once your dog accepts us we can start working with stranger-directed aggression, but usually requires 3-4 weeks of regular meetings with you and the dog first. Separation Anxiety needs to be worked with the person the dog is experiencing SA from. Usually, dogs are not bonded enough with their trainer to experience this with them.


We offer bi-weekly packages that start after our standard initial online consultation.

Our packages are a fraction of the cost of board and train packages. Most board and train locations average $1,200 a week and you don’t know what is happening to your dog while they are away. Our program starts at $465.50 (after the initial consultation fee), depending on the trainer. Valarie works with aggression and bite cases so her fees start at $798.00 since the risk is significantly higher.

You will get daily updates including photos and even videos of your dog’s time with your trainer via WhatsApp. You are welcome to ask your trainer questions via WhatsApp. We also encourage you to have cameras set up in common areas of your home or yard so you can see what we’re doing. Obviously, if we’re working on reactivity, leash manners, or public access it will be more difficult to get video but we will do our best to send you what we can.