KJ Hurlbert (she/her)

KJ has loved animals her entire life. Some of her earliest memories are of watching a friend’s grandmother train service dogs and thinking that had to be the coolest job ever. This set in motion a quest to study and learn as much about dogs as possible. As well as taking every opportunity to be around dogs. KJ has a Labrador Retriever named Taako at home. For the past five years, KJ has been working at a doggy daycare, growing her knowledge and experience with dogs. When her dog Taako became reactive, KJ took a deep dive into training techniques, canine behavior, and psychology to help Taako overcome his fear. This passion, coupled with the encouragement of several key people in her life led to her becoming a dog trainer. KJ is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a Fear Free Certified Professional, a Certified Trauma-Informed Coach, a Certified AKC Evaluator, and a Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Coach through the North American Veterinary Council. She is also currently working towards becoming a Licensed Family Paws Educator.

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