Is one of your New Year resolutions to learn more about training and dog behavior? There are a lot of books about training and behavior, and it can be difficult to figure out which ones are worth your time. Luckily, we’ve put together this list of books with help from our friends at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library! Whether you’re integrating a new puppy or dog into your home, working on a solid recall, or dealing with a complex concern like reactivity – there’s a book for any training or behavioral issue you can think of! As a bonus, most of these books are available to check out at your local Clevnet library, which works out nicely if one of your other resolutions is to spend less money.

Click for Joy! by Melissa C. Alexander
Canine Body Language by Brenda Aloff
Canine Enrichment for the Real World by Allie Bender and Emily Strong
For the Love of Dog by Pilley Biahchi
Meet Your Dog by Kim Brophy
Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs by Malena DeMartini-Price
The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson
Dog Training 101 by Jean Donaldson
Train Your Dog Like A Pro by Jean Donaldson
Doggie Language by Lili Chin
Beyond the Back Yard: Train Your Dog to Listen Anytime, Anywhere! By Denise Fenzi
The Clicker Workbook by Deborah Jones, PhD
Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress-Free Husbandry by Deborah Jones, PhD
Puppy Nurture by Shay Kelly
Beginning Family Dog Training by Patricia B. McConnell
Family Friendly Dog Training by Patricia B. McConnell
For the Love of a Dog by Patricia B. McConnell
Lassie Come! How to Get Your Dog to Come Every Time You Call by Patricia B. McConnell
The Puppy Primer by Patricia B. McConnell
Reading Between the Lines by Patricia B. McConnell
The Other End of the Leash by Patricia B. McConnell
Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog by Leslie McDevitt
Control Unleashed: The Puppy Program by Leslie McDevitt
Control Unleashed Reactive To Relaxed by Leslie McDevitt
How Many Dogs?! by Debby McMullen
The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller
Introducing Babies to Dogs By Sally Montrucchio
Don’t Eat That by Simone Mueller
Predation Substitute Training by Simone Mueller
Be Right Back!: How To Overcome Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety And Regain Your Freedom by Julie Naismith
Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog by Emma Parsons
Living with Kids and Dogs by Colleen Pelar
Positive Training for Aggressive and Reactive Dogs by by Annie Phenix
The Midnight Dog Walkers by Annie Phenix
Clicker Training for Dogs by Karen Pryor
Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor
My Dog Pulls, What Do I Do? by Turid Rugaas
On Talking Terms with Dogs by Turid Rugaas
Plenty in Life is Free by Kathy Sdao
It’s Me or the Dog by Victoria Stilwell
The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Puppy by Victoria Sitwell
Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy by Zazie Todd
Raising the Worst Dog Ever by Dale Ward
How to Greet a Dog and What to Avoid by Dr. Sophia Yin DVM


Happy reading!